ngc 1532 spiral galaxy in eridanus

ngc 1532 spiral galaxy in eridanus

NGC 1532 is an edge-on barred spiral galaxy in the constellation Eridanus.


NGC 1532 is one of many edge-on spiral galaxies that possesses a box-shaped bulge. This is an indication that the bulge is actually a bar. Such bars are easy to detect in face-on galaxies, where the structures can be identified visually. In inclined galaxies such as this one, however, careful analyses are needed to distinguish between bulges and bar structures.[2]

Companion galaxies and interactions

NGC 1532 may possess several dwarf companion galaxies. The galaxy is clearly interacting with one of these galaxies, the amorphous dwarf galaxy NGC 1531. The tidal forces from this interaction have created unusual plumes above the disk of NGC 1532.[3]